2020 Season
To Be Shortened

The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness.

Guests Handicaps 2020

Society Guests play off of a handicap of 18 until they have played with us 3 times and a more appropriate handicap can be set or they volunteer a lower handicap based on their experience. Guests are reminded that a real playing handicap that they may have with a golf club bears little relationship to our society handicaps as we are rated against each other and not a course. Your society handicap will typically be 4 or mor shots lower than your club handicap.

Competition Handicap Details

Some stats detail from the last competition from the handicap point of view.

Winners 2020

Who won what and where!

Member Handicaps 2020

Order of Merit 2020

2021 Fixtures
Under Construction

SUBS 2020