Choosing The Best Balls For Golf

Thursday, January 1 2009

Golf Ball With ClubHow To Choose The Best Balls For Golf

When it comes to choosing the best golf balls it is all a personal choice. The best ball for one player may not be the top ball for another player. To choose the best ball a player needs to access their playing style, ability and environment. These three factors will help a player choose the ball that best suits their game and will greatly impact their performance..

Choosing a Golf Ball Based on Playing Style

There are three basic golf ball types and each type has its own effect on a players game. The balata golf ball is a soft ball that allows for more spin and control. They are also the most expensive and the main choice of the professionals. The two-piece ball is better for a player with a higher handicap. This ball type allows for more distance. A combination ball takes the best features of the other two types and is great for almost anyone. It is really important for a player to consider their own playing style when choosing their best golf ball type.

Choosing a Golf Ball Based on Ability

The level of play you are at as a golfer, or better known as your ability will also be a major factor in choosing the ball that is better suited for your game. In fact, if you are a high handicap golfer, it really doesn’t matter what you play. You won’t notice much of a difference in your performance. When you get to single digit, you will want to pay more attention to what ball performs the best for you. Whether you a long hitter, or an accurate iron player that is looking for control on the greens. Unfortunately, as you get better, the balls get more expensive.

Choosing a Golf Ball Based on Environment

Another major consideration when choosing the best golf balls is to consider the playing environment. Wetter courses require a far different ball type than dry courses. This is the reason why many players carry different types of balls. Harder balls work better for wet courses, where softer balls work best for dry courses. In addition, the temperature has a great effect on golf balls. The compression of a ball acts differently in different temperature situations. If a player plays on different courses or a course that has variable weather conditions, they must consider this when choosing their best golf balls.

How to Pick the Best Golf Ball to Improve Your Game

There are a lot of things you must consider when choosing which golf ball you should use. Here we will explore a few of the main points.

Is a proper golf ball really that important?

Many golfers place too much emphasis on their swing or on their clubs and don’t realize just how important a part the actual golf ball plays in their overall performance. A lot of golfers, especially amateurs, don’t fully realize that the type of golf ball they are using could have as big of an effect on their game as their stance, swing or their clubs. Some are under the impression that a golf ball is a golf ball and there is no difference between any two balls. But it is actually incredibly important to pick the best golf ball for your needs and you will be amazed by just how much your game can be improved by using a ball that matches your needs.

What else should you take under advisement?

Your choice of ball also largely depends on the nature of the course and also the conditions that the course is in on that particular day. If the grass is wet, you will need to choose a different ball than if the course is dry. If the course is covered in water, you will want to use a ball that travels farther and has less of a spin with it. But if the ground is dry, then you will want something that will travel far but also be able to roll far as well once it hits the fairway.

How to pick the best golf ball for your particular needs is something that needs to be given proper attention. Most golfers won’t already know which golf balls are the best for their needs, so don’t be afraid to ask a golf professional or another trusted golfer which ball may be best for you. Just remember to pick the best golf ball that will take strokes off your score and also get you the distance and precision that you are looking for.