Who is Phylis Rinse?

Wednesday, March 30 2011

Things to Consider Phil Before Colouring Your Grey Hair.

For Phil, going grey is a real blow to the self confidence and his grey hair is associated with old age. A few of us have chosen not to go grey gracefully and have turned to the bottle for help. Of course, I’m talking about the bottle of colour. Before you decide to colour your grey hair mate, the following are a few things to consider:

A Professional Will Always Produce Better Results Than The Wife Phil.

While there are several “just for men” home colouring kits, a professional colourist will be able to mix exactly the right colour formula to ensure a natural looking result. A few companies now produce excellent professional hair colouring for men. A particularly good one is Redken Men Color Camo, a salon service that only takes about ten minutes. The colour fades gently over time, so you don’t get a dramatic colour change as it grows out.

Regular Colouring Can Be Expensive.

Expect to pay about £20 or £30 (excluding haircut and tip) for a men’s colour treatment and plan on having it done monthly. For professional results, the price is worth it.

Natural Colour Can Be Hard to Achieve from Her Indoors.

For any type of colour service, it is recommended seeking the services of a professional as the results will almost always be more natural mate, but should you still choose her indoors to colour at home, purchase a product specifically for men and always do a patch test (downstairs, in the trouser department and not your living room, out of sight would be a good choice in case it all goes tit’s up mate!) and follow the instructions exactly. You’ll achieve a more natural result if your hair is a “standard” colour. For home use, many men have had good results using Just For Men, an over-the-counter hair colour.

Avoid the use of chemicals which alter the hair’s state or colour. Instead, you should find a barber or stylist who can create a style that looks great with the long flowing natural locks of hair you have mate. A trendy haircut will give you a much more youthful look. This approach is far cheaper and easier to maintain than chemical services.

And After all the advice Your missus still Wants to dye your hair?

So here we go:

Depending on the product, you will probably need to mix some bottles together (or shake up one bottle). So mix your bottle, following the instructions exactly as they are written.

After the bottle is thoroughly mixed, work the dye from the roots out, making sure your hair is eventually completely and evenly saturated.

You might want to use a comb to help you spread the gunk through your hair and to smooth out the clumps (you do know what a comb looks like don’t you Phil?)

Put the plastic bag over your hair (but not over your entire head, or you will die and dye at the same time, this could be a ploy by the missus for that insurance policy mate). Twist the bag tightly and secure it with a hair clip. The heat will help the chemicals react better.

Set your timer for the amount of time stated in the instructions. Do not leave the dye in your hair longer than the time suggested. Remember, these chemicals aren’t great for your nadgers (Ohhhh! you’re doing his head Marie?…………. the one upstairs!) and there’s a reason why there’s a time listed in the instructions. If you want stronger results, use a hairdryer over the plastic bag.

During the next thirty minutes or so, take deep breaths. Read a book. Listen to music. Or I’m sure you and marie could find some other activity to pass the time with? (mind you, the thought of big Phil Naked with an ASDA bag hairclipped to his head is a really distressing one) It’s going to be okay though. Remember: it’s only hair, and even if it doesn’t come out exactly as you would have liked, hair can usually be easily altered, shaved off (or at least hidden)

When the timer rings, take off the bag, hop into the shower, alone! and follow the directions in the box (not the small pocket sized one that’s for later when she can’t stop running her fingers through your nice new shiny mane). Usually, you’re supposed to wash your hair with shampoo until the water runs clear, and then condition with an after-dyeing conditioner that should come in the box.

Ahhh, the moment of truth. You’re either ready to face the world singing “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Man,” or ready to invest in head-sized paper bags……………………….more than likely the latter Phil mate!