Westhoughton.“The Shock Of The Lightning”

Thursday, May 19 2011

The heading may well have meant more to Colin (Lickle Legs) after claiming his first ever win with the society than to any of the other 32 members and guests that were out on that wet and stormy Monday at Westhoughton Golf Club on the 9th May 2011, well it would have done if he’d have still been out during the torrential downpour that totally drowned the tail enders together with the thunder and lightning that not only worried a few of us but almost killed poor old Stevie Fairhurst, who decided against all the advice from other members to take shelter under the trees, the picture below shows how close he came to swinging his final club, that tree was split in two by a full on lightning strike.

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Even though Colin probably had the best of the weather at westhoughton he still deserves a proper round of applause for a fantastic round of golf and a big thank you from everyone for sponsoring the day too, didn’t mean he had to go and win his own prizes though did it? Taking both 1st place and the captains hole on the day, looks like Mr captain isn’t going to set a society record of winning all of his own prizes in a single season, after winning the first two, there’s still five up for grabs though cap so go for it mate.

The guest prize was taken by Ricky Pennington with another fantastic score of 37 off a handicap of just 5, I dream of scoring that off my 17, which is now 18 (cheers JC I’ll have that Fosters chilled for you on Friday mate!) really must find something more realistic to dream about (and it’s the realistic part that’s going to be quite difficult at my age)

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Stress, now there’s a word with which Chip I suspect, will be familiar, if ever there was a “disease” of the twenty-first century, then this is it, except that stress (or anxiety, tension – call it what you will) is not really a disease, more of a symptom, in fact, stress is a normal part of everyday life and without a certain amount of stress Chip could not function properly, it is stress that makes him get up in the morning, wash and dress and go out to work, it is stress that makes Chip want to achieve, to do his best, to be a productive human being, so that’s why this month’s Angry Golfer Trophy goes to him, well done mate (Really must buy one for the society, mind you Chip’s name would be all over the damn thing)

At least the RAF have downsized their operations in Libya now and tried to get Chip off to a good start on the day by  giving him a four helicopter fly over as we waited on the first tee, although, if they could have seen him ranting and raving on the 10th or slinging his clubs down the 11th they would probably have sent a gunship instead!

Still on the prize winners and unfortunately I do not have a picture for this winner, Lamby, he gets the honour of looking after Woody this month, hope you’re not teaching him any bad habits mate? I know someone took a picture of them both together but i can’t remember who it was, can you please e-mail it to me whoever you are so that I can add it to the site (cheers) and I wish everyone would stop trying to blue tooth me images, my phone is old and crap and won’t accept images so e-mail them to me instead PLEASE!

Roy and his navigator got lost again ending up in ALDI’s car park this time out, even after being given quite detailed directions by Mr Secretary, he does know you can get one of these on the left that are Welsh speaking doesn’t he? I believe there are two versions on the market called , TafTaf and BoyoBoyo. Go and buy one Roy, you can’t take all that money with you mate!

The bacon butties were a lovely start to the day and the course was a little cracker, don’t know about you chaps but I’d go back and play it again?

Thanks to Ste and Tam back at the Bridge for looking after us again, food was spot on mate, I didn’t think the garlic peri peri chicken was to hot, all you needed was a gallon of beer to go with it……………………………………………………………….sorted!

Well done to this month’s winners who were in reverse order, 3rd D Eastham with 27 points (card playoff) 2nd Ernie Collins with 29 points (also battered the seniors section with that score) 1st place and winner of his own sponsored completion the CMS trophy after years of trying Colin Regan, well done lickle legs mate, not often you get to feel six foot tall but that must have been one of those occasions.

Can’t finish without mentioning, Purum uuuup! Purum uuuup! Phyllis ‘Rocky Rinse’ Johnson now can I? I’m sure he goes out looking for headliners just to get a mention every month, well this time he decided to go into Liverpool and get involved in a bar brawl at club Koco, maybe someone criticised his highlights or split ends, who knows? Could only happen to Phil couldn’t it? So this time he got a proper mention on the front page of the Echo, our webpage  must seem like child’s play now mate? Never a dull moment with Phyllis!

Next month’s comp is at a course sharing it’s name with one of our members, Helsby,  so I hope Mr Helsby will be attending Helsby and giving it a good go at getting his name on the Trophy, Don’t forget either that this is one of our Majors, the Toni Pye Memorial, we usually get a top turnout for this one so get your name down early please before it sells out.

See you all there and JC’s back so he must have sorted the weather with his old fella!

Mr Secretary.