Photo Finish For Lead at Woolton

Wednesday, April 18 2012

A four way card count back was required to decide the winner of the last comp at Woolton earlier this month and when you look at the overall spread of the scoring between 22 of the 25 members out (three lads had a bit of a bad round on the day and they are all good golfers too, so I’m discounting their scores) there was only a 9 point gap between top and bottom, not bad and it seems to me that the handicap system is starting to bring everyone in with a chance of winning a comp. (your comments are always appreciated as ever!)

The weather was a little bit grey and overcast and playing off the mats on nearly every tee (which in April I was a little disappointed with) plus the little bit of re-vamping of holes and having to play the temporary 4A hole did in my opinion affect the scoring on the day, that said I would like to thank Woolton for their hospitality and the bacon butties were superb.

The course in general was in good condition, with tricky fast greens where all your puts had to be absolutely true, personally it is a course I would re-visit but later on in the calendar when all the trees and shrubs are in leaf, how tight would that make it then? Pity too that the par three 7th was going through some re-construction work as I would love to have played it and had it as the nearest the pin hole, it looked really nice from the tee as we walked past.

Tracy the Secretary asked if we would go back? She said we would be more than welcome anytime and they always do a better deal for societies who return, as at Lymm it’s always nice when the society receives good feedback from the course.

The society would also like to pass on their thanks to Ste & Tam for sponsoring the day, providing all the prizes and thanks also for the excellent meal afterwards.

Well done to all the winners on the day, including Mr Railton, who I have to say won the Bridge Inn Cup twelve months ago and proudly had his name engraved on the trophy. This year however he took the prize every member tries their hardest not to win………….Woody! So from doozer to loser in one season and he wasn’t overly impressed about it I can tell you, although the picture on the right would say otherwise, at least he accepted his fate with a smile. Woody is getting harder to avoid as the new handicap system starts to kick in, a few years ago it took a really bad sub twenty round to be staring him in the face, not anymore, a score in the low twenties is becoming the norm these days lads.

The winners of the comp were in reverse order;

3rd Tommy Knockton with 34 points off a handicap of 15
2nd Ernie Collins with 34 points off a handicap of 28
1st Kev Reece with 34 points off a handicap of 24

All three have now been done two shots! I always thought JC was supposed to be a compassionate and forgiving person?

Oh and no Kevin, the society is not run by favoured Muckas (please refer to Kev’s comments in the winners section) but a mixture of both Mighty Wires and Super (although not at the moment) Saints, all to keep peace and harmony amongst the members mate!

Well done to all of you and see you at Prenton on the 30th of April.

Mr Secretary.