Meeting commenced at 18:10

Ernie Collins
Alan Griffiths
Mike Baxendale
Dennis Reid
Phil Greenwood
Mark Scott
Kevin Reece
Phil Johnson
Sean Johnson (guest)
Karl Brown
Gareth Hickling
Roy Mathias
Chris Gibbons
Steve Hickling
Steve Lamb
Neil Helsby
Paul Swift (guest)


A vote was taken on the election of Society officials. All below were voted in unanimously:

Chairman: Ernie Collins
Vice Chairman: Karl Brown
Captain: Alan Griffiths
Vice Captain: Colin McMillan
Secretary: Alan Griffiths
Assistant Secretary: Mike Baxendale
Treasurer: Mike Taylor
Handicap Secretary: Colin McMillan

Outgoing members 2014:
A. Robinson. B. McKillen. D. Smith. K Grimes. N. Robinson. R. Lyons. R. Pennington.

New Members 2014:
A. Brown. D. Ward. P. Swift.

A new handicap committee has been elected for the 2014 season, namely:
J Pickervance, K. Reece, G. Southern, M. Butterfield.
Phil Johnson requested to be part of the above committee. This was proposed by Kevin Reece and seconded by Mike Baxendale; vote carried.

All handicaps for the 2014 season are now to be decided by the above named committee with the handicap secretary, to oversee all procedures.

Subs are once again to remain at £10 per person and MUST be paid one week prior to the first competition of the season.

Failure to comply will result in a £5 penalty fine, from the first competition date.

Proposed Steve Hickling, seconded by Kevin Reece; vote carried.

If in the event of the Bridge Inn closing then the society decided to take a vote on where our needs would be best suited in the future. Two venues were on the table and these were; Burtonwood Community Centre and Burtonwood Catholic Club.

A Griffiths proposed the Catholic Club as the new venue. This was seconded by Mark Scott. An amendment to the proposal was made by Phil Greenwood that the Community Centre should be the Society’s new venue. This was seconded by Chris Gibbons.

Both venues offered to provide the Society with a new home and to cater for all of their requirements including: refreshments (meals) after competitions etc. The Community Centre offered to sponsor one competition however the Catholic Club offered to sponsor two competitions and an area to house all of the Society’s competition trophies.

A vote was taken, including proxy votes, the results of which are detailed below:

Community Centre: 4 votes
Catholic Club: 18 votes

Based upon this, the new venue has now been decided that should the Bridge Inn close the Society will relocate to the Catholic Club.

The meeting came to a close at 20:05.