2014 Handicaps

New Handicap Committee:

Handicap Secretary  C McMillan.

Members;  M Butterfield,  K Reece,  P Johnson,  J Pickervance,  G Southern.

  1. End of season 2013 handicaps will be carried over into 2014.
  2. All handicap scores will now be agreed by the newly elected handicap committee immediately following each comp.
  3. The handicap committee vote will consist of five votes, these are the members elected at the AGM in November. On any occasion where only four members attend,the handicap secretary Colin McMillan who will oversee each meeting will cast the deciding vote.
  4. All non members will be required to give an honest handicap, failure to do so could result in refusal to enter future society events.
  5. Winners of comps will be deducted a minimum of 2 shots, any other variations to members and guest handicaps will be agreed after each monthly comp handicap meeting, agreed by both the handicap committee and the handicap secretary.
  6. The object of the handicap committee is to afford all players the chance to compete on a level playing field.
  7. The points above have been introduced this year to revert back to the friendly social society values, rather than play under strict handicap measures that a fair percentage of the society membership believed did not reflect the original society way.
  8. If any member feels they have for any reason been unfairly treated, they may approach the committee to discuss any concerns they have, rather than have a moan in the bar at later date, this will hopefully allow issues to be resolved quickly and fairly.