Future Tours

Toys Are Out The Pram, Dummy’s On The Floor!

Well, it’s taken the organising of 14 weekends away but you’ve finally ground me down and I’ve decided to throw all my toys out the pram and spit my dummy onto the floor regarding future tours!


As much as I love the golf society, all the members and guests that come along to the comp’s every month and tours each year, it’s the last minute cancellations and the chasing around for payments every year that has been the final straw, with only 5 days before we arrived in Llandudno I was still owed £1,031.00 not a meager amount by any stretch of the imagination.

Luckily with the 2018 tour we were staying with the Britannia Group at the Grand Hotel in Llandudno and they were absolutely brilliant regarding last minute changes, they did not impose any charges or requirements to pay in full for rooms booked then cancelled at the eleventh hour, which means for once I did not have to fork out of my own pocket and try to recover costs at a later date.

It’s a good job we weren’t going to Draycote Hotel & Whitefields Golf Club in Rugby as was arranged for next year, which is a stay on complex, otherwise not only deposits for the rooms booked would have been required but full payment for some due to the lateness of cancellation, as happened at Forrest Pines Scunthorpe in 2015 and Oulton Hall Leeds in 2016 which the former I am still owed money for.

Therefore I have cancelled the tour to Rugby next year.

I think it would be an absolute shame not to have a tour, so I am still willing to carry on organising them but on a different and less cost to my own pocket basis, as set out below.

Along with my hardworking mate Bax, if he still wants to carry on? We will sort out the cost of the golf courses, teams and shirts (the latter which will have to be paid for in full no later than the end of August at a cost of £20) if everyone wants the team event to continue? This will incur minimal costs if I have to cancel tee’s or shirts at the last minute.

A £10 deposit for each course (2 courses to be played, so that’s £20, thought I’d spell that out before anyone asked!) will be required if you wish to come along?

Therefore a total of £40 is all I will require from you for future tours to enable us to sort out numbers playing with both courses, we are only booking tees for 16 players at the present time and I already have 10 guaranteed.

Hotels and rooms for future tours will have to be booked by yourselves, deposits and final payments all of your own responsibility.

Next years tour will now take place in Scarborough, I will be booking a room for me and Chuckie, either at the Grand Hotel, Britannia Group again, who as I said earlier have been brilliant this year regarding the organising side of things, or a Hotel at a similar price, I have yet to have a proper look. Mr Railton, the Palm Court has already sold out due to the Rotary Club block booking for that weekend, so that one is off the list, whichever one we decide on will be close to the town center and all amenities, I will let you all know in good time which one we are staying at so you can book your own rooms.

I have already had the opportunity to speak with some of the regular tourists and they think the new terms are quite acceptable, it would be nice to still have a worthwhile group of people attend to make it another great tour, but at the end of the day if it’s only me and Chuckie we’ll have a great weekend away and walk along Scarborough prom like a proper couple of old Queens.

Anyway, that’s my rant over and done with, hope all the chappies who attended Llandudno enjoyed their weekend? Anyone who wishes to come along to Scarborough will have a bostin time, see you next year.

Mr Tour Director.