A Fair Way for 2019

As hopefully you all recall, last season after several of the comps we discussed the need for change with our handicaps and the way they are adjusted throughout the season.

We discussed the fact that our scores are all too low and the spread from top to bottom is far too high. Far too many of us are struggling to play to far too low handicaps that don’t reflect the fact that we are an ageing society of players who – on the whole – only play golf on comp days.

Early on in the season we changed to a more automated system to adjust handicaps across the board, giving shots back faster to those who were really struggling and we agreed that, in line with the changes made by the R&A, we removed the artificial 28 limit on handicaps. We also agreed that we would look to make a whole sale shift of handicaps at the end of the season to try and address our main issues.

To that end, the handicap committee has put a lot of effort in to analysing the scores from last season and making adjustments up for everyone; so we hope to address the key issues of our average scores being too low and the spread of scores too much.

The new handicaps are tabled below but, before you rush off to have a look, there is a couple of points worth making:

  1. The changes are an attempt to make our society fair for everyone, more competitive and more rewarding, however; the key word is “attempt”. Let’s give them a go, along with the new adjustment system and see if we get the kind of impact we are looking for. If it doesn’t work out the way we hope, then we can discuss ideas and options to improve as we go. Lets not just moan about it but try and make a positive contribution to making the society better.
  2. You will notice that we have several players with handicaps over the previous 28 limit. Working out the handicap strokes/hole will take a bit of getting used to for many of us so if you are not sure ask for help or just mark the gross score for the hole and the handicap committee will score the card.
  3. The handicap committee would like to apologise for failing to bring back the cards from the big day out at the end of last season. This meant that the season’s OOM was left incomplete – a most unsatisfactory end to the season. This season we hope to do better.

OK, now you can look at your handicap. Have a good season, play well but most of all enjoy it.


The Handicap Committee.

Actual HandicapChange From PreviousPlaying Handicap
A Griffiths22 22
A Markert21 21
A Railton18 18
A Robinson14 14
B Blackwood28 28
B Rickards33 33
C Claire31 31
C Diamond30 30
C Gibbons26 26
C Markert+2 +2
C McMillan13 13
C Rigby29 29
D Crampton25 25
D Eastham30 30
D Mines13 13
E Collins32 32
G Southern43 43
G Vernon29 29
I Broughton35 35
I Randles24 24
J Blackburn-Woods6 6
J Mulry35 35
J Pickervance14 14
J Trainer37 37
K Brown40 40
K Mara29 29
K Reece30 30
M Baxendale24 24
M Broughton23 23
M Pennington27 27
M Scott26 26
M Toole26 26
M Wood18 18
N Ashton16 16
N Helsby12 12
N Maffitt16 16
P Greenwood25 25
P Johnson20 20
P Swift36 36
R Mathias31 31
R Rigby19 19
R Swift16 16
S Lamb15 15
T Knockton33 33
V Mason10 10
W Robinson27 27