2020 Fixtures
Done & Dusted

Thursday, January 2 2020










After a day out on the road touring all the golf courses for the 2020 season plus a few extras and a little shuffling about here and there, due to not being able to get deals that would suit the society, or no guarantee of buggies, the season has now been finalised, all the courses have been booked as per the list below, deposits paid, meals sorted and the cards picked up, so get them on your tablet, phone, techno wrist wrap or whatever else you use these days? me, it’s a good old fashioned wall-planner with green sticky dots, works every year without fail.

Chairman Chuckie came along for the day too as he wanted to test his Christmas present from Pauline, a sparkly new Garmin golf watch, which he must be able to set in his sleep by now, because, whilst I went in all the clubhouses sorting out the admin Chuckie had a wander to every 1st tee, just to make sure that all those satellites floating about up there could pick him out all the way down here on planet earth and his Garmin knew exactly where he was at any given moment in time, and you all thought Chuckie didn’t take his golf seriously, shame on you!  Anyway he’s happy now and comfortable in the knowledge that his sparkly new gadget isn’t going to give him a load of duff info first comp out, I hope you win one this season mate I really do, especially now you have all that technology wrapped around your wrist!

Once again this season all food will be at the golf courses on the day, I have only booked tees for 20 players at each venue due to the decline in numbers over recent years, this does reduce the loss of deposits when contacting the course a week prior to play if numbers are less, therefore if you could all look at the fixtures and let me know asap which ones you can definitely attend, I can then speak to the courses and add to early on if need be as there is always a possibility that extra tees would be unavailable if left until the last minute, i.e. one week prior to the comp, which is not a stipulation made by me but from the golf clubs that we are playing, this enables them to order food required for the day.

If in doubt about attending then I would ask you please not to put your name forward then cancel at the last minute as this generally incurs a cost and unless you are willing to stump up, which from past experience very few do it costs the society money.

I know some of you are going to ask “where has Sherdley Park gone?” all I can say is that it came down to cost and deals compared to the other courses, so a decision was made to change the venue, nothing sinister or underhanded, purely down to cost.

A suggestion put forward recently was to carry out the presentation at the course rather than back at the club, this is due to of the lack of attendance and absent prize winners not receiving their prize, after pondering on the matter myself I think personally that the presentation should remain back at the club, my reasons are, it’s our clubhouse, they sponsor two of our comp’s, open early for the society on golf days and it’s a more comfortable environment for Chairman Chuckie and Mr Captain to carry out their comedy show along with all the card throwing and expletives, so if your on the podium make the effort and support your society by attending the presentation.

It’s your society though chaps and it’s you as a group who determine in which direction we go in the future. Me, I’m just the caretaker, probably the best caretaker you’ll ever have but still only the caretaker nonetheless.

2020 Comp dates

Friday 6th March
Bridge Inn Cup Sponsored by Adey Markert.
Lee Park GC Gateacre, Liverpool
Breakfast: Sausage Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Steak Pie, Chips, Peas, Gravy, Bread and Butter
4 Buggies Booked (Weather Permitting)
[Lee Park Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 3rd April
Danny Murphy Cup Sponsored by Ged Murphy.
Gathurst GC Shevington, Wigan
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Dinner.
2 Buggies booked
[Gathurst Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 1st May
Eddie Swift Past Members Memorial Trophy Sponsored by Paul and Ryan Swift
Westhoughton GC Westhoughton (NOT HART COMMON)
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: 2 Course, Soup & Roll. Hot Pot with Mushy Peas, Pickled Red Cabbage & Crusty Bread
2 x 2 Seater Buggies and 1 x 1 Seater Buggy Booked.
[Westhoughton Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 29th May
Burtonwood Catholic Club Trophy Sponsored by Catholic Club
Wigan GC Arley Hall, Wigan
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 09:00
Meal: Fish Chips & Mushy Peas
2 Buggies Booked
[Wigan Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 26th June
Toni Pye Memorial Sponsored by Honest Roy
Haydock Park GC Newton le Willows
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 9:30am
Meal: Carvery & Sweet
4 Buggies Booked
[Haydock Park Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 24th July
Ex Captains Day Sponsored by All Ex captains
Runcorn GC
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Starter & Main TBA
4 Buggies Booked
[Runcorn Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 21st August.
Captains Day. Sponsored by Mr Captain
Woolton GC Liverpool
Breakfast: Bacon Barm & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10:10am
Meal: Soup. Roast Chicken Dinner.
2 Buggies Booked
[Woolton Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 18th September Big Day Out
Coach leaves Village Club at 07:30,
Bernard Newton Trophy, Sponsored by Cuddly Col.
Old Padeswood GC. Flintshire.
Full English breakfast on arrival 18 holes.
1st Tee 10:30am
2 Course Meal TBA
Jacket and tie required
Coach to Depart at 20:00 prompt
Members £55.00 Guests £65.00
[Old Padeswood Homepage] [Course location]

Weekend Tour
Wednesday 30th September/Thursday 1st October to Sunday 4th October
Sponsored by the Golf Society
Hotels by own arrangement (try the link below for the Celtic Royal, most people seem to be staying there)
2 Rounds of Golf.
Friday, Royal Caernarfon GC 18 Holes, 10:30 1st Tee
Saturday, Royal Caernarfon GC 18 Holes, 10:30 1st Tee
[Celtic Royal Homepage] [How to get there] [Caernarfon GC Homepage] [Course location]