SUBS 2020




Calling all Golfers,

The 2020 season is now less than 2 months away and behind the scenes a few of us have been beavering away during the closed season, just to ensure that when those mould covered golf clubs, waterproofs and shoes re-appear from under the stairs, the shed or the garage in early spring, the season ahead of you runs like a well oiled machine.


All the courses for the regular 2020 season have now been booked, deposits paid and the coffers are now empty.

So just think when you find a spare crumpled up tenner or fifteen quid in the old suit pocket, before you take it to the dry cleaners after all that xmas merriment think of destitute old me, not the new lead for the church roof fund, the veggies against meat eaters campaign fund, or even funding Greta’s next free yacht trip to a far away apocalyptic summit accross an ocean you’ve never heard of in a country you don’t really care about! Think of your society and getting your subs paid first.

All donations will be gratefully accepted as soon as you have it. Not before tee off on the first comp of the season or when you decide to stuff your first golf-ball into the nearest pond on your first outing, YOUR SOCIETY NEEDS YOU! Not just me, Chuckie, Cuddly and  a few of the other society evergreens, we alone can’t put food on the table for you.

Subs are as below:

£10.00 for Members.
£15.00 for ex Captains.

As usual you can either post them through my letterbox or pay me either in the Chapel House 18:00 – 20:00 or the Club 20:00 – 22:00 any Friday night, but why not pay them online? most members do now and it’s a lot less hassle. It really is the future.

I would appreciate your co-operation with the above matter.

Get your short arms in those deep pockets and I’ll see you all again in March.

Lots of love and best wishes.

Mr Secretary/treasurer.