Haydock Rescheduled
for July 2021

Thursday, June 4 2020










The Toni Pye Memorial golf competition due to take place at Haydock Park Golf Club on Friday the 26th of June has now been cancelled and rescheduled for the 2021 season.

After speaking to Stephen yesterday we came to a mutual desicion that this would be the best way forward for all parties considering the current situation with restrictions still in place, even though courses are opening up again they still do not fully cater for large groups, the main one for us would be the the lack of clubhouse facilities, no catering, or use of the bar area. Personally that’s a big part of the day for me, having coffee, a fag and breakfast together, listning to all the moaning before and after the golf and having a meal and drink with my mates afterwards, I don’t want to turn up, sit in my car until my tee time comes around, then after having another crap round of golf get in the car and go straight home to do even more gardening, what kind of fun is that?

Hopefully we will all be back out on the course at the end of July playing sunny Runcorn when more of the restrictions will have been eased and we can all sit together, maybe 2 meters apart but together, socialisng, eating, drinking and being merry, then you can moan at me to your hearts content about whatever takes your fancy, I’m sure after being locked down for so long some of you will have plenty to moan about too!

The rescheduled comp at Haydock has been booked for Friday July the 30th 2021 with the same itinerary, please see the 2021 fixtures.

Hope to see you all at Runcorn next month?

Luv, best wishes and keep on stayin safe.

Mr Secretary.