Caernarfon Weekend 2020

Caernarfon 2020









The Royal Town of Caernarfon Golf Club has now been booked for two days golf on Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd of October 2020.

I am here at the moment having a lovely weekend away in Caernarfon with er indoors celebrating our 30th Pearl wedding anniversary and she allowed me a short window of one hour on our first day here to go and sort all the golf out, pay deposits, pick the cards up, book an indian for the Friday night and arrange the transport to & from the course, which has now all been done.


Oh and Al, at the moment all the pubs are open and rammed and you don’t even have to sit outside in the cold, you also don’t have to wear masks if you don’t want to mate.

So the tee’s are booked for 16, we already have 14 therefore could you let me know if you will be attending before the 25th of September please as this is when I have to confirm the numbers with Aled, I will require a £20.00 deposit to secure your golf tee.

If you are interested then everyone is staying at the Premier Inn and it’s only a 2 minute walk to the Hotel Chuckie and I are staying in, has plenty of car parking and is only 13 minutes from the course (really Cuddly it is)

I’ll be going on Wednesday the 30th of September with Chuckie, so anyone else who fancies seeing the local attractions, getting a bus to Bangor for the day on the Thursday, having a bag of chips on the sea front and maybe a pint or two are more than welcome to come and join us.

Those paid deposits and attending are:

  1. A Griffiths (B)
  2. K Brown (B)
  3. P Greenwood
  4. N Maffitt (B)
  5. A Markert (B)
  6. P Johnson (B)
  7. A Railton (B)
  8. T Knockton
  9. D Eastham
  10. G Vernon
  11. J Blackburn-Woods
  12. D Blackburn-Woods
  13. M Moore
  14. R Batty (G)
  15. A Wells (G)
  16. N Helsby
  17. T Cunniffe
  18. B Rickards

Be nice to see you there.

Mr Secretary.