Wednesday, October 28 2020


To go along with the slow play article as a committee we would just like to emphasise the following points of etiquette.

Dress codes; at all times when visiting courses as their guests it is important that we rigidly follow their required standard of dress from head to toe and not what you think it should be. Never assume that as guests the course will turn a blind eye to breaches of their standards.

Manners; as representatives of the Bridge Inn Golf Society it is imperative that at all times you are well mannered and polite to all officials, staff and members of the course during our visit, this especially includes the use of bad language in and around communal areas not just out on the course.

Houskeeping; always leave the clubhouse as we found it, in a clean and tidy condition, put rubbish in bins provided. On the course it is important that divots are replaced and pitch marks repaired, please carry a pitch repairer with you at all times. On the car park, be considerate to others and only park in designated parking areas.

Changing; only change your clothes and shoes in areas designated by and in accordance with the rules of the course being attended, all courses have different rules and areas so if you are unsure ask.

As a committee we agree the above points are extremely important, they have always been a fundamental basis on which the society was formed and should be upheld by all members and guests representing the society at all times.

Anyone bringing the society into disrepute will be dealt with accordingly, which could ultimately result in expulsion from the society should incessant offences occur.

The committee also agreed that we are a social and fun society from which we do not want to detract, in our view by everyone following the above points we will continue to go from strength to strength, leaving behind a great impression on the people we meet and the courses we play.

Remember, good manners cost nothing, bad manners could cost everyone everything!

Mr Secretary.