Keeping Up


Just a few observations made by myself over the last season or two but I do have to say how many times am I going to have to keep on bringing this subject up?

As you know I try to play with as many of the members as possible over the season and with doing so have noticed a few minor points that could speed play up and make the day even more enjoyable for everyone.

1 Trolley & buggy positioning around greens: Try to put your trolleys and buggies on the side of the green you will be departing to the next tee, rather than having to walk and drive across the the players behind waiting to hit their approach shots.

2 Buggy Use: If you have a buggy and drive up to your partners ball, then drop your partner off with his selected club and let him play his shot whilst you drive to your own ball, rather than sit and wait for each other to take your shots.

3 Card marking: Cards should never be marked on or around the greens and always when you get to the next tee.

4 Looking for balls: If you think your ball is in trouble, hit a provisional, should you decide to search for a lost ball then call the group behind through, don’t just leave them stood waiting and whilst your playing partners are taking their shots, don’t wander off  looking for lost balls, get yourself ready to play.

5 Order of Play: The old furthest from the hole goes first rule is out of the window now and the new rule is, if you’re ready to play and it is safe to do so then play. The PGA & USPGA have introduced this rule to speed things up so I think we can do the same chaps.

6 Tee off order: Lowest score goes first is also out of the window and point 5 applies.

None of the above points are aimed at anyone in particular, they are just general observations and will help speed things up if we all make the effort to adhere to them.

Mr Secretary.