2021 Fixtures
Now Booked

All the courses for the 2021 season have now been booked and deposits paid, I’ve just my day out visiting them all and picking up the cards to look forward to now.

I can imagine some of you will not be overly enthused about the first competition of the season, but I made the choice for many reasons, a couple of them being, it’s in mid March, it’s on the doorstep, so not far to travel home if the weathers bad and should there be no buggies available due to inclement weather conditions it’s no more than a gently undulating course, (it really is honest) so even the old crocked buggers like me should still be able to get out and get some fresh air and come on! who wants to miss an oportunity like that after being locked down, made to wear a gag and treated like mischevious adolecents for almost a whole year?

Another reason Mersey Valley was chosen is because of it’s just down the road locality, so with that in mind I am hoping as many members and guests as possible will attend, why? Because I would like to dedicate the first one as a rememberance for Ernie. It will possibly be the first time we can all get together again as a group after the above mentioned year we’ve all just had, so it would be nice to have a toast for him before play and hopefully have a pint for him afterwards.

Food will be at the golf courses on the day again for the 2021 season, and like last year I have only booked tees for 20 players at each venue due to the decline in numbers over recent years. This reduces the loss of deposits when contacting the course a week prior to play if numbers have fallen, therefore if you could all look at the fixtures and let me know asap which ones you can definitely attend, this then gives me the chance to speak to the courses and add numbers on early if need be. There is always a possibility that extra tees would be unavailable if left until the last minute, i.e. one week prior to the comp, this is not a stipulation made by me but from the golf clubs that we are playing, it enables them to order food required for the day.

If in doubt about attending then I would ask you please not to put your name forward then cancel at the last minute as this generally incurs a cost and unless you are willing to stump up, which from past experience very few do it costs the society money.

Suggestions were put forward last season (well, what we salvaged out of 2020) by a few members that we do away with the meal after the days competition, keep breakfast which could be changed to a full English at every venue but do away with the meal, even though this would reduce costs money had nothing to do with the discussion, the reason for the suggetion given to me was  ” we’re all grown ups Tippy and can get sommat from chip oil if hungry, or order a standard NATO kebab later on as is the case on almost all comp nights”. All the food for 2021 has been carried over from deals lost in 2020 so next season will remain the same but your views on the meal situation would be greatly appreciated before I start booking courses for 2022 (so that gives you all till about midnight on Friday the 12th of March!!)

Like I said last season, It’s your society chaps and it’s you as a group who determine in which direction we go in the future. Me, I’m still just the caretaker for now, probably the best caretaker you’ll ever have but still only the caretaker nonetheless.

2021 Comp dates

Friday 12th March

Bridge Inn Cup Sponsored by Adey Markert.
Mersey Valley GC, Bold Heath, Widnes
Breakfast: Full English Breakfast
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal:2 Course, Main & Dessert TBC
Buggies booked: TBA (weather dependant)
[Mersey Valley Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 9th April

Danny Murphy Cup Sponsored by Ged Murphy.
Lee Park GC Gateacre, Liverpool
Breakfast: Sausage Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Steak Pie, Chips, Peas, Gravy, Bread and Butter
4 Buggies Booked
[Lee Park Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 7th May
Eddie Swift Past Members Memorial Trophy Sponsored by Paul and Ryan Swift
Westhoughton GC Westhoughton (NOT HART COMMON)
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: 2 Course, Hot Pot with Mushy Peas, Pickled Red Cabbage & Crusty Bread followed by Tippy’s surprise dessert.
2 x 2 Seater Buggies and 1 x 1 Seater Buggies Booked
[Westhoughton Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 4th June
Burtonwood Catholic Club Trophy Sponsored by Catholic Club
Gathurst GC Shevington, Wigan
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding Dinner.
2 Buggies booked
[Gathurst Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 2nd July
Toni Pye Memorial Sponsored by Honest Roy
Wigan GC Arley Hall, Wigan
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Fish Chips & Mushy Peas
4 Buggies Booked
[Wigan Golf Club Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 30th July
Ex Captains Day Sponsored by All Ex captains
Haydock Park GC Newton le Willows
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 9:30am
Meal: Carvery & Sweet
4 Buggies Booked
[Haydock Park Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 27th August.
Captains Day. Sponsored by Mr Captain
Runcorn GC
Breakfast: Bacon Barms & Coffee
18 Holes, 1st Tee 10am
Meal: Main & Dessert TBA.
4 Buggies Booked.
[Runcorn Homepage] [Course location]

Friday 17th September Big Day Out
Coach leaves Village Club at 07:30,
Bernard Newton Trophy, Sponsored by Cuddly Col.
Mile End GC, Oswestry
Full English breakfast on arrival
18 holes, 1st Tee 10:30am
2 Course Meal:
Main; Chicken breast with a red wine & mushroom sauce, sautéed potatoes & a platter of seasonal vegetables.
Dessert; Fruit crumble & custard.
4 Buggies Booked (possibility of 6)
Jacket and tie (to be discussed moving forward, after last seasons more casual approach)
Coach to Depart at 20:00 prompt
Members £60.00 Guests £65.00
[Mile End Homepage] [Course location]

Weekend Tour
Bridgnorth, Shropshire.
Wednesday 29th September/Thursday 30th September to Sunday 3rd October
Sponsored by the Golf Society
Hotels by own arrangement
2 Rounds of Golf.
Friday, Bridgnorth GC 18 Holes, 10:30 1st Tee
Saturday, The Staffordshire GC 18 Holes, 12:00 1st Tee
£50.00 Total,Golf only
[Bridgnorth GC Homepage] [Course location] [The Staffordshire GC Homepage] [Course location]