SUBS 2021


At the end of 2019 I was very excited for 2020 since I had eight golf comps, a weekend tour and at least 52 visits to the pub to look forward to, but then the lockdowns happened!!

So as the sun sets on 2020 and the end of year shadows lengthen, good riddance to a very frustrating, dissapointing and extremely tedious year I say, it’s certainly not a year to remember is that one!

Let’s hope by the time the 2021 season starts in 3 months time we can all start to get out and get back to normality.

All the courses for the regular 2021 season have now been booked, deposits paid and the coffers are once again empty,

I know after this Christmas there wont be many crumpled up old tenners or fivers found at the bottom of suit pockets to get all excited about, I mean, where could anyone go to enjoy themselves and spend money celebrating? So this year you must all have loads of nice crisp notes tucked away somewhere around the house and hidden away from her indoors, probably in little savings boxes, bottles, jars or even an odd sock tucked away at the back of a drawer, under the bed, the floorboards, on top of the wardrobe or in the shed or garage? Well it’s time to dig them out, get that hammer from the toolbox and give it a good old whack! or you could just turn that odd sock inside out to empty it I spose? 

For those who haven’t yet signed onto the online banking system, please make it an off season priority and text me for the golf account details, I know some of theSUPER SENIORS can’t use it but as was the case last season continue to give the cash to your carer and they will pay via online banking for you. The online banking was a real move forward last season with anyone attending paid up in advance, this negated the need for Chuckie and I to collect cash on the day as it was all sorted well before breakfast, so ultimately the whole day ran smoother and allowed us to concentrate on the more important things such as, mingling with the rabble and enjoying a woodbine with a nice cup of coffee or two.


All donations will be gratefully accepted as soon as you have it. Not before tee off on the first comp of the season or when you decide to stuff your first golf-ball into the nearest pond on your first outing,

Subs are as below:

£10.00 for Members.
£15.00 for ex Captains.

You can now pay them online direct into the account, It really is the future.

I would appreciate your co-operation with the above matter.

Get your short arms in those deep pockets and I’ll see you all again in March.

Lots of love and best wishes.

Mr Secretary/treasurer.