Season Reboot
Friday the 7th of May

Well, Well, Well, 2021 HAS turned out to be as S**T as 2020 at the moment!

I must admit I didn’t think I’d be writing my first article of 2021 about cancelled competitions and rearranged fixtures, but after speaking to Mersey Valley golf club and Lee Park golf club, both said it would be difficult to accommodate societies within the timeframe given due to government guidelines. So therefore, here I am again letting you all know, with a heavy heart, a head that’s at exploding point, a soul in need of the company of men and a tongue that’s desperate to savour the taste of a nice pint of craft beer (that’s proper beer Mr Railton, not fairy liquid!!)

So the first two competitions of the 2021 season have now been moved to 2022, I suppose the fair weather golfers amongst us will be pleased about the late start, and it gives you all an extra 2 months to go get the rust and cobwebs off those clubs, and give your balls a good old scrubbing before we kick off on Friday the 7th of May at Westhoughton Golf Club, where we should be able to sit outside for breakfast and the meal afterwards, I’ll confirm the finer details with Westhoughton and keep you updated before the day. At least we’ll be able to go back to the club and carry out the presentation and have a pint together in groups of six, in the beer garden of course, again I’ll confirm with Becky when I’m in there after the 12th of April and let you all know the plan.

As I said in my 2021 fixture write up, I would like to dedicate the first one as a rememberance for Ernie and as this will be the first time we can all get together again as a group after the year we’ve all just had, it would be nice to have a toast for him before play and have a pint for him afterwards.

Please let me know as soon as you can regarding attending Westhoughton, this will allow me to give the course our numbers and sort out food and seating arrangements on the day, Westhoughton are a very friendly and accomodating course, so lets help them out too, by giving them plenty of notice.

The March fixture due to take place on Friday the 12th has now been moved to Friday the 11th of March 2022 at Mersey Valley Golf Club.
The April fixture due to take place on Friday the 9th has now been moved to Friday the 29th of April 2022 at Lee Park golf Club.

Look Forward to seeing you all on the 7th of May

Take care.

Luv Mr Secretary.