Society Clubhouse
Re-Opening Date
(that’s the Club Burtonwood Chaps)
















Getting over my boredom didn’t last long did it? So here I am again boring you lot, mind you, I do think this article is an important one and for those of you who are not part of the Burtonwood grapevine, would, I hope need to know what’s going on in the village, regarding the society that is? (I don’t do gossip, you’ll have to ask a curtain twitcher for the juicier stuff)

The latest news I have received from Becky at the club is that they will not be re-opening in April as will most other venues, why, who knows? They have decided instead to wait until the 17th of May when both beer gardens and indoor spaces can be used for drinking and socialising I suppose?

At the moment The 7th of May competition at Westhoughton Golf Club will still take place, but I’m sure I don’t have to remind you all that anything could happen between now and then, so keep those fingers and toes crossed and let’s hope nothing does.

The plan now if the comp goes ahead, which barring any new variants of the lurgy swimming across the channel and infecting us all, is to carry out the presentation in the Chapel House beer garden afterwards, this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem if the weather is on our side, (JC have a word with yer eld fella please mate)

Anyway, it’ll save me having to mither you all as I’ve had to do after every comp over the last few seasons, to get your backsides out of there and up to the club for the presentation, so after Westhoughton you can all just chill out, enjoy the ambience, the well-kept beers, good company and stay put.  I will clear this with Marcella and Gareth when I go in there on the 16th of April and if it means booking tables outside then book tables I damn well will.

Therefore it will be vitally important to know who will be attending the presentation as soon as possible if I am required to book tables of 6 at the Chap, the one thing in our favour would be the fact that we will be getting in there early, the first groups should arrive back around 16:30, I can’t see it being overly busy at that time, BUT it is Burtonwood and the mind-set of a Chewit or Wooder has always been a difficult one for me to work out!  

I would appreciate your assistance in letting me know at your earliest convenience if you will be attending please.

Take care and see you all soon.

Luv Mr Secretary.