25th Silver
Anniversary Tour 2022
Cape Cornwall Golf Club

Sunday, June 6 2021

Am I bored during lockdown?……………………………YES
Do I miss all my mates?……………………………YES
Do I miss all the banter?……………………………YES
Do I miss playing golf?……………………………NO, it’s such a frustrating and difficult game at my age!

Frustrating and difficult to me it maybe, but without the golf two of the other 3 questions above would seem pointless and I would be living a far more boring life, so it’s the social side I enjoy the most about the golf days, having a beer and a banter with the lads, not trying to knock some silly little ball into some silly little hole which is further away than I can see these days!

Now you’re probably all wondering “what the hell is Tippy prattling on about?” Well I’m coming to that, I just wanted you to understand my reasoning for talking about the 2022 Tour already, it’s to give you all plenty of time to save up, book your flights and accommodation so you can join me and Chuckie for a great social weekend and a couple of rounds of golf down in sunny old Cornwall.

“CORNWALL!” I hear you all shout, yeCornwall, Shushi mentioned Cape Cornwall Golf Club to me a while back in the Chapel house whilst we were all having a pint after Maurice’s funeral, so we had a bit of a banter about Chewits and Wooders travelling habits and how you’d all have to go and have a look at the little tin globe on your bedside table, you know the one you got for Christmas when you were a kid, to find out where Cornwall was? then work out the benefits of going there and playing golf in some windswept corner of England, compared to Sunny Spain for the same price and probably less travelling time? The latter where you could also play golf with your daft hat, shorts and flip flops on, instead of a Sou’wester! Anyway, I tucked the conversation away in my, ‘that’s worth a good coat of looking at later file’ at the back of the old memory bank.


In my mind it’s now time to retrieve that file and start thinking about, and sorting out the 25th anniversary tour, therefore I have appointed a Director for internal flights UK, who surprise, surprise is Chairman (Judith Chalmers) Chuckie and he is already on the case.  I have been looking at flights from Manchester to Newquay and as you can see, they’re not bad times to fly, out or back and not a bad price either, although the flight Director reckons he can source better and cheaper flights, so I’ll leave that one in his in-tray.


And don’t worry about your clubs and luggage because anyone who knows me pretty well, knows I hate flying, so I’ll be driving down in a van, if Captain Kitchen fancies a road trip we could go in his van and stop halfway down in Cheddar Gorge (Found us a couple of nice inns there Captain if you fancy it?) If not I am quite willing to hire a van at my own cost and do the trip alone, I am very comfortable in my own company so I don’t want anyone to feel they should join me just to keep me company, I’m a grown up and I’ll be fine thank you! It’ll be a lot cheaper and easier for you all to throw your clubs and luggage on the van rather than lug it around with you, that way you can all have a nice chilled out trip with no messing around at the aerodromes, all you’ll have to carry with you on the day will be your leather flying cap & goggles, then it’ll be chocks away and Tally Ho Chaps! 

“We told you to go in the van with Tippy Captain Kitchen, or sit in the middle row”

Anyway if we do decide to go and play golf on the furthest course South West in England and give Shushi a visit down in deepest darkest Cornwall, I have been carrying out a little bit of research and found a coach company in Newquay with varying seater coaches that can do aerodrome transfers from Newquay to St Just, which is a one hour trip. I haven’t priced them up yet as I will need to know if this is a viable venture before embarking on both a logistical and financial exercise.

Rooms for the three nights at Cape Cornwall work out at approx. £198pp B&B and as with flights will have to be booked by you. The total price for the weekend would be around £350 and that’s including an approximate figure of £20pp for a coach to and from Cape Cornwall.




The complex itself is stunning with fantastic sea views and has everything you would require for a nice relaxing weekend, a great bar, pool, spa, gym and restaurant, just click on the following link to find out more. [Cape Cornwall Homepage]





Links golf is a style of golf many of the finest players in the world enjoy best. The likes of Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Colin Montgomerie are all on record as saying that they love this kind of golf, and Cape Cornwall, being located close to the sea is designed to tantalise your tastebuds.

Cape Cornwall Golf Club in particular encompasses everything that makes links golf such a popular style: fresh sea breezes, tricky holes, well-guarded greens and much more besides. It suits players of all levels of ability and all handicap scores, so why not get on that Sopwith camel next year, get down there and give it a shot.

Have a good think about it and tell me to shove it if you think it’s not worth the time and trouble, either way I’ll need to know so the flight director and I can start to sort it or bin it off, if we decide against, I have two nice courses lined up in sunny Morecambe, where we can sit on the seafront of an evening with a bag of fish and chips and look across the bay at the sun setting on the Sellafield nuclear power plant and Barrow nuclear Sub Pens…………………NICE!

Ok, I’ve got rid of my boredom for now, hopefully it’ll last till the pub and club reopen and I can speak to you all in person again, if not watch this space.

Luv Mr Secretary.