Weekend Tour

Bridgnorth, Golf and much much more

2 weeks this Thursday the 9th, final payments required (sept 23rd)

I have also booked the Blue Ginger Indian restaurant (below) which is next door to Parlors Hotel for 7pm on Friday evening for 20 people, so I would really appreciate it if you could text and confirm that you will be attending ASAP so that I can confirm numbers with them please (Bazza you don’t need to)

I have also arranged a venue to watch the rugby after the indian for those that wish? This will be at the AF Club, again just across the road from both the indian and Parlors, next door to the Falcon.  They also have a snooker table (Phil) two dart boards and multi channel Sky and a great disco on a Saturday night, all welcome, so not far to stagger home after that one.

Buggies are being paid for in advance so if you have been allocated one please add £25 to your total outstanding for two days or £12.50 for a one day buggy.

Oh and have look at the list to see who’s decided to join us this year.

Tee’s Adjusted to 7 for Both Days.

5 Buggies booked and confirmed at Bridgnorth GC: Allocated as per table below

4 Buggies booked and confirmed at The Staffordshire GC: Allocated as per table below

I know writing about the weekend tour already may seem a little premature BUT, Bridgnorth is a really popular market town in Shropshire which has lots of events throughout the year, and once the shackles of lockdown have been removed on the 21st of June Hotels will be at a premium in the town, especially those with parking available on site, so I am advising those going to book early to avoid disappointment.

We can use the Black Horse as our base over the weekend, plus I have booked a 29 seater coach which will pick us up from outside Parlors Hall Hotel both mornings, departure times for both days are, Friday morning 09:30 to Bridgnorth GC, returning at 17:30 and departure Saturday morning is 10:30 to The Staffordshire GC returning at 18:00, Low Town is an ideal rendezvous point to be picked up and dropped off at and the cost of the coach is £20 each, thats a tenner a day chaps (which I’ve now added to the costings below) so forget your cars once you get there and enjoy being chauffeured around all weekend.

Oh and its a 60th Birthday tour this year, Chairman Chuckie is 60 on Tuesday the 28th of September and I believe both Mr Railton and Knockton are also 60 not long before we go?  Chuckie and myself are already booked in for 4 nights at the Parlors Hall Hotel, from Wednesday the 29th of September to Sunday the 3rd of October, and I have arranged a pensioners day out on the Severn Valley Steam Railway on Thursday the 30th of September from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster and back, so if anyone would like to come along on the Wednesday this year and join us on our steam train pub crawl on the Thursday we would absolutely love that.  I’ll give you all the details when we know who’s going to come along as our carers!

I’m sure those of you who visited Bridgnorth in 2011 when we played Patshull Park Golf Club, and in 2014 when we played Telford Golf Club, will still have fond memories of the two venues you visited below during those weekend tours, both are still going strong boys, but don’t forget you’re all 10 years older since that first visit, so this time around you’ll all have to find out which night is pensioners night hahahaha!


There are loads of other great pubs and eating establishments worth a visit during the weekend too and they will all be fully open for this years tour without any restrictions, there are also a couple of great Indian restaurants for our curry night on the Friday, so I’ll book one for us when I know exact numbers and I’m in Bridgnorth visiting family over the summer.

Below is the list of people attending at the moment and have already paid deposits, if you would like to come please book early, the cost for golf only is £50.00 total, I have only booked both courses for a maximum of 28 golfers and as you can see I already have 25

Tour is now only 3 weeks away next Thursday, so if you could start paying your tour fees below off as soon as possible please I would really appreciate it, I have the coach to pay for before we go and I would like to get the courses paid off ASAP so that I don’t have any messing around to do when I get there on the Wednesday.  The coach is £20 pp and that covers all weekend transfers to and from the courses, so even if you only pay for the coach it would be a big help.  Any other monies owed should be paid by the 23rd of September, 4 weeks this Thursday.  Thanking you in advance for your assistance in this matter. MR SECRETARY.


1       A Griffiths£255.00£00.00BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
2       K Brown£255.00£00.00BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
3       P Greenwood£70.00£00.00 Falcon Hotel Hotel Booked
4       N Maffitt£22.50£47.50BGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
5       T Wharton£95.00£00.00BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
6       P Johnson£70.00£00.00BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
7       A Railton£95.00£00.00BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
8       T Knockton£70.00£00.00BGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
9       D Eastham£22.50£47.50 Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
10     J Blackburn-Woods£17.50£52.50  Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
11     D Blackburn-Woods£32.50£37.50  Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
12     M Moore£70.00£00.00 Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
13     R Batty£22.50£47.50 Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
14     G Vernon£95.00£00.00 BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
15     B Rickards£70.00£00.00BGC/TSGCParlors Hall Hotel Booked
16      J Thomas£50.00£00.00 Tippy’s Guest HC 18
17      A Thomas£50.00£00.00 Tippy’s Guest HC 28
18     L Batty£00.00£70.00  Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
19      N Helsby£00.00£70.00  Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
20     P Swift£70.00£00.00 BGCFriars Court Booked
21     T Cunniffe£00.00£70.00  Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
22     D Cunniffe£00.00£70.00  Parlors Hall Hotel Booked
23     I Randles£00.00£70.00 TSGCBishop Percy’s Apartment Booked
24     P Seels£00.00£70.00 Bishop Percy’s Apartment Booked


Hope to see you all there.

Mr Secretary.


Chuckie Egg
on Friday, 23rd April 2021

Great to see the other 2 Semptember 60 birthday boys are booked in.

on Wednesday, 21st April 2021

FANTASTIC chaps, can’t wait 🙂

on Wednesday, 21st April 2021

tippy hotel booked same as you me nick/danny/alan