Silver Anniversary Tour
Shrewsbury 2022
July Update

Saturday, June 25 2022

25th Anniversary.
Twenty-five years of happiness known.
A very long time, yet so quickly it’s flown!
It’s nice to remember the good times we’ve had,
and leave in the past any things that were bad.

Shrewsbury October 2022

Hopefully next October in Shrewsbury we will be completely free of the COVID shackles and just be able to get on with life as we knew it, free of lateral flow tests, free of masks, free of social distancing and having to put up with table service in certain establishments, you know, just being allowed to go about our daily business without ‘let or hindrance’.  We said the same this time last year and found ourselves still burdened with albeit lesser restrictions but restrictions nevertheless, fingers crossed yet again for 2022

Some of you may think It seems a little early to be thinking about and sorting out the 25th anniversary tour, but I can assure you it isn’t, as it’s my last season as secretary and my last golf tour I thought we should get on with it, then you’ll have a full season to sort out a new secretary and not have any other distractions along the way.

I know we discussed a few courses for the 2022 silver anniversary tour towards the end of 2021 and even had a vote which turned out totally inconclusive, so what I did after the vote was look at all the courses that were voted for, again and again and again, in the end I had to make a descision and look at what I thought would be best for the society in which is one of our special years.  Bangor had a great course but not much else to be honest, especially accommodation in town.  Morecambe, again had two great courses but everyone keeps telling me not to head towards the lake district as it does nothing but rain there, so that got binned off along with Kendal, Harrogate got binned off as everyone kept harping on about how exspensive it was, I know, I’ve been there!

So rather than drag out where to go any longer, I took everything into account regarding travelling times, weather (which after all these years you do actually realise I can’t do anything about don’t you?) cost, courses, accomodation, parking, eating establishments, the Friday night Indian, the Rugby League Semi Finals and getting to and from the venues, I really don’t think you’ll be dissapointed with a weekend in Shrewsbury Chaps, just take my word for it.

Travelling time is 1hr 40mins from Burtonwood, therefore I have booked Chuckie and I into the Lion Hotel in Shrewsbury town center, which has onsite parking at £5.00 per night, it’s in a great location slap bang in the middle of everything, Shrewsbury has lots to offer everyone as a weekend tour, with loads of bars, eating establishments and a great waterfront on the river severn, which is also full of bars and restaurants, the Premier inn is there too along with the Shrewsbury Hotel which is a Wetherspoons hotel, both have onsite parking and are only a 10 minute walk through town for those who don’t want to stay at the Lion.





The Lion Hotel Town Center (Reet in’t middle)
Tel: +44 1743 353 107 For Booking Your Rooms
[The Lion Homepage]









The Shrewsbury Hotel Town Center (Nr the waterfront)









The Premier Inn Town center (Nr the waterfront)






I have booked two courses for 24 golfers each day, which I know you’ll love, both picturesque and only a 15 minute coach (which is provisionally booked) trip from the hotels each day at a cost of £30.00pp (that’s only £7.50 each way chaps for two days)  On Friday the 7th of October we will be playing at Shrewsbury Golf Club, £36.00 with a 10:30 1st tee and 6 buggies have been booked at £25 per round, then on Saturday the 8th of October we will be playing Arscott Golf Club, £25.00 with an 11:00 1st tee, where 5 Buggies have been booked, at £25 per round, deposits have been paid to secure both courses, the cost to you for both rounds will only be £61.00 (add the coach, that’s £91.00 and buggy fees if you want one to your golf, that’s a total of £116.00 for your full golf weekend) I have visited both courses now and picked up the cards.

The Coach has now been booked and will pick up and return from the Lion Hotel on Both days at the times below.

Friday the 7th of October 2022
Depart 09:30 from The Lion Hotel Shrewsbury, to Shrewsbury Golf Club, 1st Tee Off 10:30
Depart 17:00 from Shrewsbury Golf Club return to The Lion Hotel.

Saturday the 8th of October 2022
Depart 10:00 from The Lion Hotel Shrewsbury to Arscott Golf Club, 1st Tee Off 11:00
Depart 17:30 from Arscott Golf Club return to The Lion Hotel.
The list below are the people going, so if you fancy coming along let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

All the buggies have now been taken for Arscott, but there is still one available for Shrewsbury on the Friday if anyone wants to save their drunken little legs, you never know you might make both rounds of golf this year if you do!!

Another point of interest is, my wife and I go away touring Scotland for a week on the 25th of September, which is just over a week before tour, SO I would ask that all monies owed are paid in by Friday the 23rd of September PLEASE, this will allow me to box everything off with both courses and the coach before we go, it would be nice to go away with er indoors for once and not have my phone going off constantly about the tour, it would also be nice for anyone whose name is on the list and hasn’t yet coughed up any money to pay a deposit, at least then we will know you are committed to tour.

Thanking all my lovely golfers in advance for your assisstance with the afore mentioned matters.

Luv Mr Secretary.

C/G&B = Coach/Golf & Buggies included in price

1       A Griffiths£237.00£61.50 All IncSGC/AGCLion Hotel Booked
2       K Brown£200.00£98.50 All IncSGC/AGCLion Hotel Booked
3       P Swift£116.00£000.00 C/G&BSGC/AGCLion Hotel Booked
4       P Greenwood£91.00£00.00 C&G
5       P Johnson£00.00£116.00 C/G&BSGC/AGC
6       B Rickards£00.00£116.00 C/G&BSGC/AGC
7       A Markert£116.00£000.00 C/G&BSGC/AGC
8       L Batty£00.00£91.00 C/G
9       J Blackburn Woods£116.00£000.00 C/G&BSGG/AGC
10     D Blackburn Woods£55.00£61.00 C/G&BSGC/AGC
11     R Batty£00.00£91.00 C&G
12     T Knockton£00.00£116.00 C/G&BSGC/AGCLion Hotel Booked
13     I Randles£00.00£116.00 C/G&BSGC/AGCLion Hotel Booked
14     N Maffitt£00.00£91.00 C&GLion Hotel Booked
15     D Eastham£91.00£00.00 C&GLion Hotel Booked
16     Aidan Wells£00.00£61.00Tippy’s Guest
17     Acer Thomas£00.00£61.00Tippy’s Guest
18     Jim Thomas£00.00£61.00Tippy’s Guest
19     £00.00£91.00 C&G
20     £00.00£91.00
21     £00.00£91.00
22     £00.00£91.00 
23     £00.00£91.00 
24     £00.00£91.00 
25     £00.00£91.00 
26     £00.00£91.00 
27     £00.00£91.00 

Hope to see you all there for my last one.

Mr Secretary.