Mr Railton

Really don’t know how to express in words the news I have to post today and the sadness accompanied with them.

Al Railton passed away on Wednesday afternoon after a long illness and will be missed enormously by everyone that knew him.

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to Cath, Dave, Michelle and all of his family, I’m sure along with myself you would all wish to pass on your condolences.

Personally, I spent some quality time with Al and loved being in his company, golfing or socialising, as the picture above shows when we went to Pudu’s stag weekend in Nottingham, as usual he never stopped moaning all day about how bad that pint of cider he had was, and how much it cost in Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, loved every minute of that day.

And even though he moaned and told me to bugger off when I walked in the pub and gave him a hug, or on the corner of our street after walking home on a Friday night, “not right blokes huggin each other” he used to say to me, but I’m so glad I ignored him and gave him a hug anyway, they’re my lovely memories of Al and they’ll always be there.

I’m sure you all have fond memories of the time you spent with Al, funny stories to tell and the laughs you all had together, he was a great character, friend and just a complete pleasure to be with anytime, wherever you were.

Goodnight and God bless Al, we’ll all miss you so very, very much.