Competition Handicap Details

Current comp is 6 at Eastham Lodge GC
Cut all is false
Number to cut is 3
Number of golfers in comp is 20
Dropping 3 scores
Comp adjusted average 31
Cutting scores of 36 and above

Members playing this comp

GolferOld HandicapOld Playing HandicapScoreAdjustmentNew HandicapNew Playing HandicapComp Freeze
A Markert-25.6-2637-2.4-23.2-233
B Jones-18.0-18240.0 (frozen)-18.0-180
B Rickards-32.0-32260.0 (frozen)-32.0-320
C Rigby-25.3-25340.0 (frozen)-25.3-250
D Blackburn-Woods-30.6-31330.0 (frozen)-30.6-310
D Eastham-27.8-28300.3-28.1-281
G Southern-41.9-42300.3-42.2-421
J Blackburn-Woods-5.6-6250.0 (frozen)-5.6-60
K Brown-38.5-39330.0 (frozen)-38.5-392
K Cummings-15.0-15330.0 (frozen)-15.0-152
K Mara-29.7-30310.0-29.7-300
L Batty-36.7-37290.0 (frozen)-36.7-370
M Moore-18.6-19300.0 (frozen)-18.6-190
M Scott-26.3-26290.0 (frozen)-26.3-261
M Toole-18.2-18260.0 (frozen)-18.2-182
N Maffitt-17.9-18260.0 (frozen)-17.9-180
P Forber-41.6-42320.0 (frozen)-41.6-420
P Swift-38.4-38300.0 (frozen)-38.4-380
R Batty-24.2-2437-2.4-21.8-223
T Knockton-29.5-3036-2.5-27.0-273

Members not playing this comp

GolferHandicapPlaying HandicapComp Freeze
A Griffiths20.7213
A Railton36.0360
B Blackwood29.5301
C Gibbons22.6233
C Markert4.242
C McMillan13.4133
D Cunniffe21.6221
G Vernon31.0310
I Randles22.7232
N Helsby11.1111
P Anders11.2110
P Greenwood17.6181
P Johnson19.4192
S Lamb16.2161
T Cunniffe26.3261
V Mason13.0130

Category Details

The following table shows the current category details that the handicap adjustments are calculated against.

Our handicaps are grouped in categories which control the rate at which handicaps can be changed both up and down.

We cut the top 3 scores including ties (not places) at the number of shots above the comp average multiplied by their category cut rate up to the category Max Shots Cut.

We give all scores below comp average shots back, unless the player's handicap is frozen(see below), calculated in a similar way to shots cut but using the category back rates and max levels.

Players with a top 3 score including ties (not places) will have their handicap frozen for the next 3 comps that they play.

Players getting shots back will have their handicap frozen for the next 1 comps that they play.

Players are not eligable for shots back while their handicap is frozen. Players can still lose shots while their handicap is frozen.

CategoryMin HandicapMax HandicapShots Back RateShots Cut RateMax Shots BackMax Shots Cut