Leigh-ve The Buggy
Tackle A Bread Roll Instead

For Tommy, Hope You Like It Mate?

Motionless Malkins

I think the day at Malkins Bank was pretty motionless as far as the golf was concerned, pity really that it took us five hours plus to get around […]

Challenging Charnock

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink, wrote the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1798 and if you have an aversion of, or a phobia of water […]

Pretty Prenton’s Doubters

And he said “There shall be golf at Prenton”

Photo Finish For Lead at Woolton

A four way card count back was required to decide the winner of the last comp at Woolton earlier this month and when you look at the overall spread […]

Sunny Lymm leaves Woody Homeless!

It was a wonderfully sunny start to the new season at Lymm on Monday the 5th of March and I think the 25 members and guests who turned out […]

Sunny Sutton Hall

Well what a Captains day we had at Sunny Sutton Hall on Monday the 4th of July and even though JC couldn’t turn out to play his old man […]

Woody Goes Techno!

Our Woody called around last week with old lickle legs to see what was happening about the next comp at Sutton Hall, so I invited them both in for […]

No Trophy for Helsby at Helsby!

I think it would have been quite unique if Mr Helsby had come in as the winner at Helsby Golf Club this month, a first for the society that one […]

Westhoughton.“The Shock Of The Lightning”

The heading may well have meant more to Colin (Lickle Legs) after claiming his first ever win with the society than to any of the other 32 members and guests […]

Haydock; Goose Green to the 15th Green

Great turnout for the second comp this season, 37 members and guests made the short trip to Haydock Park Golf Club on Monday the 11th April and it looked like […]

Who is Phylis Rinse?

Grey Hair Worries? Read on.