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When a Man Loves a Woman

A Griffiths, Club Secretary

Farthingstone; “A Battle of Attrition”

I started my last word from the secretary with ‘I know my write up this month is a little later than usual’ well it seems to be getting a bit […]

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Pennant Park: “Green Day”

I know my write up this month is a little later than usual, but I have to say I’ve had quite an emotional time over the last couple of weeks […]

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Aldersey (mostly) Green; “Visiting the John-Stones”

Well!  What a great turnout for Captains day this year, 39 and that was after a few last minute dropouts, absolutely fantastic, every month I thank you all on behalf […]

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Malkins Bank; Barry’s World

What a difference a little bit of sunshine makes to a days golf, and after discovering what the weather had been like up at our own end of the county last Monday I […]

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Ducks-bury Downpour

Downpour or Downfall? I suppose both words could be taken in the same context after your round of golf at Duxbury Park, in the rain soaked rolling Lancashire countryside on the outskirts […]

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Badger’s Bunions

6:30am and the old alarm rattles into life, the first sound I hear is the heavy rain bouncing off the window sill (not Bunion weather apparently) “nice day for golf!” was the first text […]

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Haydock Park

I would like to pass on the thanks of the committee to all 34 members and guests who attended the competition at Haydock Park Golf Club on Monday 30th March, another great […]

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A New Season Begins

Thanks to all 30 members and guests who attended Houghwood golf Club on Monday 3rd March and as usual it proved to be as reliable as ever for an early starting […]

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2009 Season

First of all I would like to officially on behalf of the committee and all our members welcome the new Captain for the 2009 season Mike Baxendale, and his Vice […]